For day-to-day questions or queries regarding your child, their tutor should be the first point of contact. Such questions or quires could range from requesting that your child has a new timetable printed out, to informing the tutor of a recent event.

You can contact your child’s Tutor using the table below:

Please note:
Our contact management strategy is designed to ensure that individual members of staff can maximise their teaching time during the Academy day. This, in turn, maximises the learning benefit to students. Contacts will be responded to within 24 hours during term time wherever possible.

Year Group Tutor Group Tutor Tutor Contact
Year 12/13 CFL CFL Mr C Fell
KMO KMO Ms K Munro
CCN CCN Mx C Cohen
Year 11 11NST NST Mr N Stoddart
11RSY RSY Mr R Selway
11TBT TBT Mr T Barrett
11RHS RHS Mrs R Halls
11ALR ALR Miss A Longmoor
11LBT LBT Miss L Bennett
Year 10 10ABY ABY Miss A Brownsey
10ACK ACK Mr A Cook
10JSD JSD & HGR Mrs J Shepherd & Mr H Ginger
10ACN ACN Miss A Clampin
10KGS KGS & KYG Mrs K Giles & Miss K Young
10HKY HKY Miss H Kay
Year 9 9KMD KMD Mrs K Morland
9JOR JOR Mrs J Oliver
9VSY VSY Mrs V Saxby
9CFA CFA Mrs C Follina
9KCS KCS Miss K Chivers
9CHG CHG Mrs C Harding
Year 8 8PSD PSD Miss P Stannard
8EJN EJN Miss E Jameson
8BHY BHY Mrs B Hornby
8SCB SCB & RVE Mr S Crabb & Miss R Veale
8LCS LCS Miss L Cousins
8RPE RPE Miss R Prentice
Year 7 7JSH JSH Miss J Sharland
7ATR ATR Mr A Tucker
7MBS MBS Mr M Brooks
7AWD AWD Mr A Woodland
7MMN MMN Mrs M Moorghen
7SCA SCA Mr S Czarnecka

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